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Banking Suite -Fintra

Banking Suite Fintra   's suite of fully integrated solutions to address wide range of financial services industry or segment-which help customers to increasement operation efficiency and agility. Fintra AIMS to providence customers competitive advantage, comp lying with market regulations to Achieve growth with innovation. Suite of Solutions to Help Financial Institutions manage middle and back office processes in automated way by helping customers to Ensure Compliance and reducing costs while increase increasing efficiency and transparency. 

We have software Following Products available -

      • FintraConnext
      • FintraPayments
      • FintraReconcilations

Our Products

Kramtey has range of products with unique coalesce of business domain and technology expertise aimed to innovation-led business growth for our clients . These products enable our customers to achieve full automation and to compete with changing market. Offerings are built among latest technology that enables business decisions for ensuring return on IT investment while achieving operational ease.
Fintra is an integrated financial solution suite addressing core -banking, reference data management, payment services , asset data management , reconciliations. Product suite provides streamlined, integrated and highly automated  enterprise class capabilities to help partners for operational efficiency and reducing IT costs .

We have a following product suite -

Banking suite - Fintra

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About Kramtey

About Kramtey

We are fastest growing company having dedication and commitment towards our best services and products offerings to our clients.